Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Slice2013: Day 29 of 31 - A Day in Denton

Chris and I spent the day soaking in the local flair of Denton, Texas. Our first stop on the journey included a delectable lunch from the Green House. My husband received a gift card from a coworker, and we enjoyed sharing ceviche, breaded fish, and fresh steamed vegetables. Sitting in the sunshine on the patio and conversing about our lives together made the day sweet.
 Next we traveled a few blocks north to the Denton Square, where we ordered hot tea and a cup of joe from the Jupiter House. This has become one of our favorite places to sit and read on the weekends. Hipsters, artist, and intellectuals surrounded us as we sipped our caffeine and surfed the web. This establishment is owned by Joey Hawkins, the winner of the United Way's Dancing with the Stars competition. He and Chris became fast friends while preparing for the event last fall.
 After several hours of reading, writing, talking, and thinking, we decided we needed something a little more stout to drink. We made our way up the block to the Oak Street Draft House, our favorite place to sit outdoors and enjoy the spirits. The place was already crowded by 4:00 in the afternoon. I ordered a raspberry beer, and Chris got the house special, #29. We found a set of colorful metal chairs surrounding a wooden spool table, and we cozied up next to each other. While Chris read The Heath Brother's newest book, Decisive, I launched into Jonah Berger's book, Contagious. We listened to all the conversations taking place around us, and we people watched.
When we set out for the day, our primary destinations were the recently opened Natural Grocers and Kohl's. We'd received a few coupons in the mail for grass-fed, organic beef and pound of free almonds, so we headed to the health food store where we were greeted with a smile. The place was a bit pricey, but we enjoyed perusing the aisles, finding all kinds of unique products from seaweed chips to flavored tofu. At Kohl's we purchased new bath and dish towels, using a digital 15% off coupon from my favorite I-Phone app, Coupon Sherpa. I love discounts and freebies!

This spring, Kohl's opens nine new stores across seven states, bringing the company's store count to ...   
By this time in the evening, our tummies were growling and home was calling our name. We made a quick pit stop at the local WHATABURGER, where we ate a cheeseburger and french fries, and we shared a large sweet tea. Chris commented on the spicy ketchup, and I relished the salty, hot fries. Sure we blew our diets, but who cares! The food was delicious and our both our stomachs and our souls were satisfied.

Our day in Denton was delightful, and we are both so grateful to call this place home. 

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