Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday's Slice of Life 4/2/2013 - Text Messages, Prom Notes, & Postage Stamps

Upon waking this morning, I wearily grabbed my cell phone to check the time. I noticed a text alert, and through blurry eyes I read the following message.

Hunter, my eighteen year old bonus son, seemed giddy about the prospect of attending his senior prom with a friend from the ATC. After a stressful day of STAAR testing, his dad and I eagerly listened as he told the story of composing a poem in the wee hours of the morning. Stumbling upon printer paper designed to look like parchment, he published his love note and decided a postage stamp would authenticate the romantic sonnet. His attention to detail and creativity warmed my heart, and as he relayed the events of the day, I beamed with pride. He is truly his father's son, and I know some lucky young lady is going to be swept off her feet someday by his wit, charm, and thoughtfulness.
There are sweet moments in life we wish we could bottle up and save for ever. This afternoon, lounging at the foot of the bed, I was overcome with gratitude. Being a bonus mom has truly been one of the greatest joys of my existence, and I will always treasure these precious interactions.


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  1. How sweet! I've been caught up in prom invites through my daughter's friends. I like that you call yourself a "bonus mom" - so true.