Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unmet Expectations, #SOL15

*I wasted a perfectly good snow day fretting over something that was out of my control. Much to my chagrin, our Austin field trip must be rescheduled. Mother Nature and a litigious society conspired against us. I wavered and waffled all afternoon, vacillating between hope and misery. Tomorrow I must help my students cope with the same bitter pill I swallowed today. 

Desperately wanting one thing, but having to accept another    
Insane desire for things to work out in your favor
Sucking it up and moving on
Stuck between two realities
Acceptance takes time
Positivity is difficult to produce
On a roller coaster ride of emotions
Insignificant in the grand scheme of things
Trying to put an end to the pity party
Melancholy for the moment
Engaged in an internal battle 
New perspective will surface in time
Tomorrow will be better


  1. That internal battle, I know it so well. Disappointment is difficult at any age. I am sure you will model perseverance to your students. Best.

  2. Disappointment is hard for us to deal with, but it is much harder to watch it happen in our students' eyes. I will pray for your day! I hope it turns out refreshing!

  3. What a day! I probably spent 6 hours dealing with this when I really just wanted to read and watch my children play outside in the rapidly disappearing snow. The hardest part was telling my own child who immediately fought back her own tears of disappointment. We are all sad.

    1. I can only imagine how heartbroken sweet Hannah must have been. I fought back my own tears, and unfortunately, the grown-ups have to hold it together. I'm glad I got some rest before facing the students. We will find a way to make lemonade out of lemons. See ya in a bit!

  4. Thanks for this perspective. I often fall prone to the pity party. I need to remember that new perspective will surface and tomorrow will be better!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post Jenna. Sometimes all we need is a new day.

  5. I wrote about disappointment today, too. I guess it's going around.

    I hope today was better! You have great perspective!