Sunday, March 6, 2016

Arboretum Adventures & A Mountain of Laundry #SOL2016

My artistic friend, Mandy Nabors, introduced me to three splendid new things today: The Dallas Arboretum, bullet journaling, and Gretchen Rubin's book, Better Than Before. Our Sunday morning leisurely stroll through the colorful gardens recharged my spirit and energized my soul for the grueling week ahead.

On a less positive note, the mountain of laundry pictured below represents my to-do list for the next five days. Say a prayer folks!

  • Survive until spring break
  • Fake a smile during Monday night's 2-hour Open House 
  • Endure hell (AKA - STAAR Training)
  • Enjoy a fun-filled field trip the Texas State Capitol with 110 rambunctious 4th graders
  • Sing the hallelujah chorus when the bell rings on Friday afternoon!


  1. Completely relatable post! I am wishing our spring break was closer, waiting until Mid-April for ours! Being a teacher means we have to fake smiles a lot while we're screaming on the inside. Thanks also for the book photo.

  2. You have me wondering what bullet journaling is. I'm off to Google it. Thanks for sharing about your day. Good luck with the week ahead.

  3. Oh spring break is just around the corner and of course your week is really chalked full of more than your fair share! You probably wouldn't have it any other way! Hope the laundry is a peaceful moment (JK)

  4. Such a wonderful day to hang out and share! I love you, my friend! We WILL get through this week!!!