Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Consistency Vs. Compulsion #SOL16

I made a willful decision to skip writing my blog yesterday.

The internal battle between consistency and compulsion continues to rage war inside my head and my heart. Habits matter, but so so do balance, moderation, and self-compassion.

A few weeks ago, a sweet friend shared the following manifesto she'd written down in her journal from Gretchen Rubin's newest book, Better Than Before.

The tenth statement stirred up lots of feelings . You see, I have neurotic DNA. If I commit to doing something, compulsion kicks into high gear and before I know it a sense of dread, obligation, and duty quickly snuff out joy and fulfillment.

How do I combat this proclivity towards extremism? Will I ever learn to be okay being okay? Why did I choose this word? Ggggrrr!


  1. I love the line "Habits matter, but so do balance, moderation, and self-compassion." I have missed several days of blogging this month, and while part of me wants to kick myself, another part of me recognizes that there have been other things demanding my attention. When I found myself posting a piece of writing that I hated, I realized that it was okay not to write. As you say, writing should be joyful and fulfilling, not full of dread. I hope you find that joy again!

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  3. You are finding balance with each step that you take! Being aware of how you are feeling is so very powerful!
    By giving something up, we may gain!