Sunday, March 13, 2016

How Rude! #SOL2016

This morning Chris and I witnessed a group of young frat boys act like total ass hats. We'd just sat down and begun eating breakfast when we noticed two older women take a seat at a larger table across the way. Two college age guys approached them and stated they were saving this particular table for their group. The ladies attempted to ignore them, but one of the males, who happened to be wearing a muscle shirt with his fraternity logo on it, demanded that they relocate. Reluctantly, one of the women grabbed her tray and proceeded to move, but the other lady defiantly sat there staring at the boys with a look of disgust. About this time, two older gentlemen at a nearby table, rushed in to save the day. They scolded these arrogant, insensitive youth for being disrespectful and invited the women to join them.

The college kids didn't even seemed phased by the harsh reprimand they'd received. They acted entitled, privileged, and elite. The rest of their posse arrived, and we overheard them talking smack about the old bitty and her friend who had highjacked their table. I was appalled by their behavior and it took a lot of self-restraint not to walk over and chew them out with my teacher voice. Chris had a better idea. Discreetly, he snapped a photo of the group and posted the picture on the fraternity's Twitter account with a tagline about teaching their pledges to treat elders with dignity.

Scenes like this make me worry about our future. I hope and pray that our own college kids would never act in such an audacious, brazen manner. Kids today . . . Geez!


  1. Talking to them would only put you in their dinner conversation! A Twitter post that garners the attention of the college and their parents was probably all you could have done. I could love to have seen the gentlemen come join the women. Or what if more people had come over - whole place should have gone to stand around the women. Can't you just picture it? That was not only rude, it was threatening.

  2. It's appalling to see anyone act like that, especially young people. It makes me scratch my head and wonder what's in store for us as a society when kids like that act so entitled.