Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Istation is Back! #SOL2016

Most of the time data defeats and deflates my spirit, so when I get a snapshot of student achievement that paints a more glowing picture, I have to pause and celebrate. My kiddos rocked our first Istation assessment of the year! Although we were denied access to the program for almost 6 months due to aggravating bureaucracy, my fourth graders stepped into the computer lab today with confidence, maturity, and some serious focus. The fact that 93% of my 44 students are in Tier I for comprehension makes me want to do cartwheels.

Now you might look at the graph below and shake your head in disgust over the Spelling & Text Fluency columns, but honestly,  I don't get too worked up over these categories. Instead, I choose to focus on the fact that the majority of my students have learned to maintain meaning while reading lengthy, complex text, and they have acquired a plethora of new vocabulary words they will carry with them for a lifetime. More importantly, my children are devouring books and beg for Read to Self. Many of the kids represented in the data have climbed massive academic mountains.

Since we weren't able to administer the initial assessment until late March, I no longer have to second guess whether previous students simply learned to outsmart the computerized test after months of practice. Instead, I can rest assured Reader's Workshop delivers and book evangelism serves as the strongest curriculum I could ever find!


  1. My state is adopting iStation in place of DRA next year. I'd love to know more about it from a teacher's point of view.

  2. YAY! We haven't done ours, yet! Now, I am looking forward to it!!!