Monday, March 28, 2016

Power Poses, Kid President, & Testing By the Ocean #SOL2016

While studying argument writing @ The Teacher's College, I learned about Amy Cuddy's research on power positions. Her fascinating social psychology study on how body language affects our physiology mesmerized me, so today I decided to share a few clips from her 2012 viral TED talk with my students. Our PC fourth graders were instantly intrigued, and as we stood at our tables and practiced kid inspired poses like The Boss, The Seated, and The Superhero, I grinned and sent up a small prayer, hoping this tiny tweak would make a big difference as they prepared for tomorrow's state test.

Later in the day, a colleague sent an email announcing Kid President's new video titled, The Year of the Kid. I didn't get a chance to share this one with the students, but as you all know, this spunky, brave truth teller always delights. 

Finally, our very own Kendra Gonzales and Kim Solley produced a clever parody for this week's dreaded round of standardized test, mimicking DNCE's hit song Cake by the Ocean. One of my precious students, Delanie, made her Youtube debut, and my whole class giggled our way through the jovial music video. 

Happy viewing!

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