Friday, July 27, 2012

Learning Hangover

How can we flip both the teacher and the learner—not just the classroom?

Why do teachers talk too much?
Are inspiration and motivation enough to provoke action?
If we know the research, why do we ignore it?
Am I brave enough to be a contrarian?
How can we nurture our youngest learners as they discover and develop their unique passions and personal interest?
When will management 2.0 practices make their way to the classroom?
Can customization and standardization coexist in education?
Why do educators crave control?
How does the connected, creative economy impact teaching and learning?
What does it look like when a teacher lives on the fringe?
Does added responsibility always equal more power?
Can you lead without innovation and vision?
Why is letting students struggle so difficult?
What prevents us from questioning and challenging deeply ingrained habits of institutions?
Can our schools function as transparent, open learning communities where accountability is shared among colleagues?


  1. Ahhhh! I feel both inspired and overwhelmed at the same time. These questions are so rich and exactly where I find myself challenged.

  2. Some of these questions haunt me Mary Beth. In the movie, Pure Country, Grandma Ivy says, "There are no answers. Only the search." I'm starting to believe she was right!