Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#Slice2013: 6 of 31 - #WRAD Skyping with Sarah Albee about Poop

World Read Aloud Day 2013 - Ginnings 3rd Grade

When the third graders from Ginnings Elementary look back on their year, I hope World Read Aloud Day makes it on their top ten favorite days of school list.
Engaging, lively, and interactive capture the essence of the experience. The students asked thoughtful questions, and Sarah Albee offered wise advice about the writing process. Gathering 50 students in a classroom always presents challenges, but any obstacle we faced was well worth the struggle. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the kids about the power of literacy, and my hope is that next year will be even better.
A big shout out to Miss Cantu and Mrs. Ferris for sharing their class with me today!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my post tonight. I decided to stop on by and I'm leaving a comment on all your slices - good stuff you are sharing! (But where are all the commenters?? Are you posting your URL for each day on the TWT blog? Just wondering . . . )

    So, on with your slice -- what a great idea! I've loved the idea of skyping with authors, but in my position as a reading specialist, i wasn't about to take "intervention" time with a small group. However, I love your idea of borrowing a classroom! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!