Sunday, March 24, 2013

#Slice2013: Day 23 of 31 - Top Strengths Revealed

I’ve always found personality inventories intriguing. Since the first time I completed a Myer’s Briggs, I’ve hungered to know more about what makes humanity tick. Regardless of whether the categories are colors, shapes or animals, I love the thrill of analyzing and unpacking the descriptors to see if the language truly captures the essence of my being.

I took the Clifton’s Strengths Finder this weekend, and for the most part, my top five strengths were accurate and illuminating.

My results clearly explain why I love books so much. My thirst for knowing more is quenched each time I collect new experiences through travel, study, and conversation. Learning and ideation keep me on a path of continual improvement, and although I don't fully understand the theme of connectedness, and I can see how it helps me find purpose and meaning in life.

I'm sure I will spend several weeks thinking about how these attributes impact my existence. Wrapping language around concepts helps me make sense of the world, and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore these themes.

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