Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#nErDcampBC Top Ten

Last week, a colleague and I hit the road bound for Battle Creek, Michigan. Our mad-dash trip to the Midwest turned out to be quite delightful, and this professional development experience will go down in history as one of my favorites. Colby Sharp and his team put on a knock-your-socks-off non-conference, and as book love rippled across the room, I witnessed enthusiastic educators initiating collaboration, conversation, and community. There were so many take-aways from this powerful day of learning, so I've compiled a Top Ten List. I encourage all my teacher friends to consider attending nErDcamp next year, and I'm secretly hoping Donalyn will convince them to move it to Texas!

#1. Exponentially expanding my PLN through Twitter
#2. Adding tons of new titles to Goodreads
#3. Calling deep on my courage, and facilitating a session on keeping a record of your reading life 
#4. Setting new goals for my classroom - 180 book talks in 180 days!
#5. Meeting so many new book evangelists - Holly Mueller, Tony Keefer, Amy Hesterman
#6. Getting my picture taken with the Book Whisperer (AKA - Donalyn Miller)
#7. Listening to Eleanor & Park on the trip home and falling in love with rich, memorable characters
#8. Reading blogs by fellow educators who understand the power of writing and connection. 
#9. Familiarizing myself with new technologies like Google Docs, Evernote, Kidblog, and Weebly
#10. Nourishing my inner-nerd, while passionately pursuing professional growth 


  1. I love your Top Ten list! I'm still on a nErDcamp high. ;-) Isn't Eleanor & Park wonderful?! I loved that you jumped right in there and led a session. It inspired me to be brave, too. :-) It was great meeting you - see you next year!!! In the meantime, we'll hang out on Twitter. ;-)

    1. I definitely had to call deep on my courage! Everyone at nErDcampBC was so welcoming and inclusive. I am grateful for educators who share a common love of literacy, and I feel like I was initiated into the "Nerdy Club" through the experience. Meeting you was a treat, and I look forward to staying connected through our PLN!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ms.Victor. I look forward to reading your blog posts as well. Perhaps we can connect our classes this year via Skype!