Thursday, January 2, 2014

Routine Relief

My family and I have spent the last few days in a cozy cabin in eastern Oklahoma. As the new year dawned, we lazed around playing card games, surfing the web on our devices, and lounging in a steamy hot tub. The world seemed to have stood still for 48 hours, and a blanket of serenity surrounded us.

When I opened my eyes this morning, my mind started spinning. Thoughts of nagging, unfinished tasks rushed through my head, and I fought the urge to get up and start working. Stress is a constant companion for most Americans, and to be quite honest, I'm growing weary of the toll anxiety takes on our lives.

Now, I realize I wouldn't appreciate a hiatus like this if I lived at a turtle pace all the time, but I wish there was a way to find a happy medium. My all-or-nothing thinking tells me either/or is the only choice. However, I have met folks who breathe through the chaos, roll with the punches, and maintain a generally peaceful existence.

My hopes for 2014 include a quieter spirit, a gentler internal dialogue, and less anxiety. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing will be my path towards inner peace. A spiritual hunger gnaws at my subconscious, and a compelling commitment to connect my mind, body, and spirit surfaces.

My ONE WORD for the year is BREATHE.

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