Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 Years Ago

As I searched for pictures to post for today's prompt, I realized how much the world has changed in a decade. Back in 2005, I'd created my first Myspace account, and social media wasn't even part of my vocabulary yet. Anybody else have Tom as your first friend?

I still had a tiny silver flip phone that took crappy digital images, and text messaging was the craze. Back then, I still dropped plastic film canisters off at Walmart, and all my photos were printed and stored in plastic tubs. I kind of miss those days. 

Luckily, I was still sporadically writing in a journal, and I found a gratitude list I'd composed on Apr. 14th, 2005. Ten years ago I had just bought my first house. My 4th graders called me Miss Franks, and I was finishing my final year at Jackie Carden Elementary. 

Loneliness, insecurity, and self-doubt were my constant companions. I'd recently discovered Al-anon, and my journey towards healing the wounds of alcoholism and codependency was just beginning. When I think back to this season of my life, I'm amazed by how quickly humans can evolve in such a short time. Grateful for my trip down memory lane tonight. 


  1. Just popping by from the April Love group to say hello. Love this post. I learned about codependency this year. Working through it has taught me about self-love as well. Happy April Love!

  2. Thanks Janet! I haven't quite figured out to connect with others who are participating in the April Love Challenge, but I am glad you found me. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.