Sunday, May 8, 2016

STAAR Test Blues

This year’s STAAR exams were pushed back until May
Prolonging our fear of this dreaded testing day

For months, we’ve been working on a plethora of skills
And we’re crossing our fingers no students get ill

We’ve covered our walls and set out the snacks
Electronic devices will be collected from backpacks

With TEKS pushed down from grades up above
Our kids show up for us, when push comes to shove

The climb up these academic mountains is steep
So please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep

The students will underline, highlight, and bubble
They’ll keep on trying even when they face trouble

And when they raise their hands to declare they’re finished
Teachers across the state will feel a little more diminished

These tests are useless, deplorable, and unfair
After four long hours, we all feel despair

When it’s all said and done, we’ll breathe a deep sigh
Soon school will be out and we’ll tell our students goodbye

Yet at the end of the day, this test matters naught
Because exams like these can’t really measure all that’s been taught

It’s time we stand together and shout, “Enough is enough!”
Do our lawmakers even know, we're asked to teach in handcuffs?

I hope and pray this testing madness will end soon
Until then, please hurry up June!

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  1. Love it! Your voice certainly shines through my friend!!!