Monday, March 6, 2017

Missing the Boat: Confessions of a Slice of Life Flunky

I am a Slice of Life flunky. I had grand intentions of joining the party for the fifth year in a row, but I missed the boat. The last three weeks has been a whirlwind of change, and although I had grand aspirations to use my blog as a place to process all the ups and downs of switching jobs, I failed to carve out the necessary time required to write each day.

Writing requires headspace, and my mental computer is currently in defragging mode. I looked up the definition of defragment in the dictionary and this is what I found.

Basically, my brain is decluttering itself. When I owned a Windows laptop and I would start the defragging process, my PC would often creep, crawl, and limp along while the clean-up occurred in the background. In my impatience, I'd open multiple tabs at once, and sometimes this would crash the entire system, causing me to have to restart the process. In order to prevent this from happening in my life, I've had to close a few tabs in my brain and allow the defragging to unfold without interruption. I'm slowly learning to let go of my constant need for speed, and if this means embracing my inner dropout, so be it.

Obviously, if I am posting this blog, I haven't fully accepted my flunky status. Writing beckons, and I acquiesce. As this laborious defragging process continues, I may pop on my blog from time to time to let my complicated, meandering thoughts bleed onto the screen. I'm grateful for this community, and I'm hopeful you will continue to wrap your arms around this Slice of Life Flunky. 


  1. "Let my complicated life bleed onto the screen." What a line. I wish I had written it. I find that my life is quite complicated by my husband's death. All the love around us makes a big difference. Flunky? I think let your life bleed onto the screen. Best wishes for a glorious day!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words of affirmation. I can only imagine the kind of heartache and complex emotional journey you've been on through your grieving process. I look forward to reading your posts, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Flunky may be a bit too strong, but I am glad folks like you keep me keepin' on!

  2. You couldn't be a flunky if you tried really hard! Your words are inspiration. They give me strength to reflect, and encourage me to use this time of writing as more than just hurry up and type. Thank you friend for all that you are to me!