Sunday, October 13, 2019

Anyone Else Despise Compliance Training As Much as Me?


Day 13

Today's acrostic poem is dedicated to all the teachers out there like me who waited until the very last minute to complete the dreaded online courses mandated by their school districts. We will never get those eight hours of our lives back, but we can check the box ☑️, right? 

Completely and utterly BORING!
Obligatory practice with limited impact
Mundane and meaningless—not sure I learned a thing
Passive exercise.
Likely to have zero influence on how I do my job
Insufferable experience in which no authentic learning occurs
Annual torture and absolute waste of time
Necessary evil in a litigious world
Cleverly answer the quiz questions without actually reading a word
Every year I always wonder, "If I don't complete these, will they fire me?"

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