Saturday, March 20, 2021

Day 20 #SOL21 Contemplating Twitter As a Form of Note Taking

I imagine many of my fellow slicers may have participated in TCRWP's 99th Annual Saturday Reunion earlier today. Although my family and I were on vacation in Wisconsin, I snuck down to the hotel lobby to squeeze in as many sessions as I could while my kiddos and husband slept late. I'd set up my digital note taking template, but because most of the micro-sessions shifted every 15 minutes,  I fumbled and floundered trying to keep up. So I shifted gears and decided to use Twitter as my primary means of note-taking. 

My PLN stretches me professionally in extraordinary ways, and the community of practice I've found in the TCRWP family continues to influence and inform my world view. Multitasking is a myth, and because my attention was a bit fractured, I definitely missed things. However, I did my best to capture and synthesize the most important nuggets—furiously listening, learning, and typing. 

I'm crafting this blog at the airport as we wait on our return flight back to Texas, and I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing the Tweets of others. If you are new to Twitter, I highly encourage you to search #TCRWP #SaturdayReunion. The jury is still out on whether this will be my preferred method of note taking in the future, but for today it served me well. I'd love to follow you, so look up @tenilleshade and join this amazing community of practice. 


  1. Just commented on yesterday's post ... glad you are here. Your tweets were awesome and helped me document sessions I capture with my arms broken and sessions I didn't attend. So many amazing communities! Safe travels ... see you tomorrow.

    1. I am incredibly amazed at your tenacity to keep showing up with two broken arms. You are an inspiration to so many!