Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Day 24 #SOL21: Contemplating An Elusive Topic & Adding to the Noise

Because I've participated in the #SOL challenge before, you'd think I'd be braced for a night like this where the blank screen taunts me, whispering—"No need to write today."

Since mid-afternoon, I've opened my blog multiple times, hoping to compose a meaningful piece. During each attempt, I sputtered, stalled, and eventually abandoned the effort. 

Yet here I am. 

Writing about not having anything to say. 

Earlier this week, I confessed to a colleague that the danger of committing to a thirty-one day challenge like this is that you might just end up adding to the noise. This doesn't sit well with me, but I also have a deep desire to develop a habit and finish what I start. 

As I try to find something of significance to contribute, I feel stuck and irritable. Because I'm a verbal processor who feels compelled to continually externalize my internal dialogue, I just whined to Chris, "This is stupid. Why am I writing when I have nothing to say?"

His suggestion? Just write the following sentence a hundred times and call it done. 

I have nothing to write about. 
I have nothing to write about. 
I have nothing to write about. 




  1. Oh my word, you never ever add to the noise Tenille! People will jump if they don’t feel like reading. This space is meant for your own musings and healing, too. Also every day cannot be a home run (says my husband). But still, you gave me something to think about. What do we tell kids who truly feel like they have nothing to write about? Read:)

    1. Thanks to your encouragement, I think I will sign off of here and head to bed. I think I'll read a little before drifting off to dreamland. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration for tomorrow's blog. 😊

  2. I feel like the SOL challenge is as much about the process as it is about the final product. Some days it comes easy, some days the work to find the right words is cathartic and some days "I have nothing to write about" and that is just fine.

  3. This post is a triumph. Instead of giving in to your gremlins, you wrote anyway. Your words are success and perseverance and determination made visible.