Sunday, March 28, 2021

Day 28 #SOL21 Contemplating Credit Cards & Ice Cream


Chris and I aren't big dessert people. Our sweet tooth is generally limited to homemade chocolate chip cookies and hand-crafted cocktails. Last spring, when Coronavirus upended all our lives, we started buying ice cream sandwiches, and each night, as we watched the news briefings, we'd scarf down one or two of the the creamy delights. After packing on about twenty extra pounds in less than three months, I decided I'd need to curb this unhelpful evening ritual. Plus, if I had to choose between a glass of wine or a tasty sweet treat, wine will always win!

Over the weekend, Chris and I got our second Pfizer shot, and since we were in an area of the city we don't usually travel to, we decided to grab chips, salsa, and fajitas at a local Mexican food restaurant. I'd attended TCRWP's Virtual Test Prep session on Saturday morning, and our oh-so-fabulous staff-developer, Mrs. Natalie Friday, suggested we eat at Pappasitos Cantina—a staple for anyone who has ever traveled to DFW, San Antonio, or Houston. Chris and I chatted during lunch about how different the world was beginning to feel, and when the waitress brought the check, I mindlessly signed the receipt, unknowingly leaving my credit card behind. 

So on Sunday afternoon we had to make the thirty mile trip back to the restaurant to retrieve my bank card. Chris and I were both feeling a bit fatigued after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, but I knew we wouldn't have time to drive across the metroplex during the week, so we begrudgingly got in the car and made to Arlington again. After retrieving my card, Chris mentioned he wanted a hamburger, so we shared a yummy, double-meet bacon-jam cheeseburger at Hopdoddy Burger Bar. 

My forgetfulness gave a chance to enjoy quality time together, and as we got ready to leave I said, "Hey babe, you feel like icre cream?" His eyes lit up like a little kid who hears the ice cream truck jingle passing through the neighborhood. Before I knew it, he'd already mapped us to a Marble Slab Creamery, and we both enjoyed a delectable scoop of butter pecan ice cream mixed with crumbled goodness. 

As we sat in the almost empty ice cream parlor, licking our dripping cones, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The man I married loves me so well, and as we shared this simple, ordinary moment, I knew I'd found my topic for today's blog. Ice cream makes everything in the world taste a little sweeter. 

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  1. This is the sweetest little Slice, pun intended. Your descriptions and writing style is fabulous, Tenille, so I was right there alongside you, indulging in your “unhelpful evening rituals” and excited about tacos then burgers then ice cream to end an awesome Sunday. But perhaps best of all is the thought of sharing butter pecan with a good man who loves you. Your unwavering gratitude for that moment and the Slice that resulted. Xxx