Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shifting Time Perspectives

Summer affords my husband and I an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and embrace impulsivity. Weighed down with multiple presentations to create and deadlines to meet, Chris decided to toss an overnight bag in the trunk of the car and head to Waco for an afternoon of fun in the sun at his parent’s above-ground pool. The day turned out positively delightful, and I am convinced recharging our batteries is essential for healthy living.

Historically speaking, spontaneity has NOT been my husband’s friend. Chris color codes his calendar and plans at least a year in advance. He is future focused and driven. These visionary qualities make him an extraordinary leader, and his work ethic is admirable. However, there is a fine line between a virtue and a vice.

One of his colleagues recently commented about his episodic OCD moments, and I chuckled inwardly, knowing she’d pegged him perfectly. Chris enthusiastically pursues his passions, and sometimes it borders on obsession. He recognizes these tendencies, but often feels powerless to change them. Thankfully, he’s an incredibly reflective man, and we’ve spent countless hours discussing the origins and effects of these quirks.
Recently, I viewed an insightful video about time perspectives. It got me to thinking about how the culture of our communities and families deeply influence our viewpoints. The ideas presented in the short talk provoked some interesting conversations and Chris and I debated the pros and cons of being past, present, or future oriented. Which time perspective describes your background?

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