Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marvelous Mentors & Mentee


This week marks a milestone in my career. I presented a two day literacy workshop in my local school district, and all the women who have indelibly stamped my life as an educator attended the session. Sheila Barnes, my third grade teacher from my home town, beamed with pride as she sat in the audience listening attentively. My teaching mentor, Penny Haight, trekked to Denton to hear me share about reader’s workshop, even though she now holds the title of school counselor. Her passion for ensuring students success continues to ooze from her pores, and I am always in awe of how she morphs her academic learning with her counseling background. Last but not least, my sweet friend, Marly Natherson, joined us from Coppell. She was a brand new, baby teacher five years ago, and I had the honor of mentoring her during her early days in the classroom. Each of these women hold a cherished place in my heart, and to have them all in the same room together was truly a blessing. I am incredibly grateful for the ways they have shaped and transformed my journey. I hope all teachers in this challenging and rewarding profession are lucky enough to have colleagues, friends, and mentors like Sheila, Penny, and Marly. Thank you doesn’t capture the essence of my gratitude.

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