Friday, March 29, 2013

#Slice2013: Day 28 of 31 - Familyship

Books, slumber parties, and reunions with old friends are truly some of the sweetest gifts this life has to offer.

This week, I had the opportunity to return to a former campus and present a writing lesson to the children of Sycamore in preparation for STAAR. The team I used to teach with remains intact, and as I set in Penny's office around the Van Gogh table, it was as if nothing changed in the last five years. We didn't skip a beat, and the conversations about teaching, learning, and education invigorated my spirit. I grew up as a teacher at Sycamore, and the women at this school have impacted my life in lasting ways.

I headed to Crowley on Wednesday night, and joy filled my heart as Penny, Holly, and I caught up on all the happenings of life. Mrs. Hostess of the Mostest prepared us an exquisite dinner of sea bass, scallops, and twice baked potatoes. Yum! We sipped wine and giggled about days gone by. We engaged in lively conversation about education, and we attempted to solve the problems of the world.

Years ago when I was still single, I would regulary spend the night at Penny's house in Granbury. We would stay up talking into the wee hours of the morning, planning lessons and chatting about the challenges of the classroom. She was and still is my mentor, my mother, and my friend. I treasure our "familyship" more than she will ever know, and as I drove home on Thursday evening, I realized how truly blessed I am to be connected to such a beautiful group of people. I love my Crowley girls, and I love reconnecting with my past.

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