Monday, July 21, 2014

Keeping the Characters Alive

reading is everything

Thanks to an unexpected event, I have devoured a ton of books this summer. I got off to a slow reading start in early June, but after my husband's emergency appendectomy, books started flying off the shelf, and I met some colorful characters I did not want to forget. The problem with voracious reading is that sometimes the stories all start to blend into one, and I have found it difficult to keep all the characters categorized in my mind. I've felt an overwhelming urge to write down all their names, so I don't forget the important lessons I've learned from their adventures. So here's  my list.
  • Sunny who learns to let her bonus mom love her as the the storms of the Civil Rights Movement threaten to destroy her community in the 1960's.
  • Frankie Joe who forges a relationship with his father in Illinois after his dope dealing mother is sent to jail in Laredo, TX. 
  • Walter who meets Jesus after his older brother overdoses in a coal town. 
  • Maggie Mayfield, a resilient, loyal young lady who can no longer be shielded from the harsh realities of life including her father's battle with MS. 
  • Circa and Miles, an unlikely pair connected through time, space, and antique photographs who learn to give and receive love after loss like none other. 
  • Lucy, Elena, and Michael who start hiding copies of To Kill A Mockingbird to make a point. I'm glad she didn't burn the torn pages of the books, and I'm glad her mother's cancer is in remission. 
  • Mia and Adam, two star crossed musicians who face unfathomable heartache and eventually find their way back into each others' arms. 
  • Albie, a reluctant learner who lacks confidence, but discovers his value after a special babysitter helps him find his own truth. 

Characters become our companions, friends we meet along the way who shape and change us. I want to hang onto my new acquaintances and friends. As the summer continues to unfold, I hope to experience lots more encounters like these. Reading brings me great joy, and I am deeply grateful for every page I turn. 

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  1. What a great idea to keep the characters sorted out! Love the visuals! Hey, is Countdown a prequel or sequel to Revolution? Have a great year!!!