Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eliminating Meetings Through Podcasting, #SOL15

My cell phone dinged, and I noticed a calender reminder that had slipped my mind. With my Chromebook tucked under my arm, I rushed down the hallway to attend our monthly team leader meeting held in the conference room. Directly following the hour long conversation with our administrator, I trudged back to my classroom to digest the notes I'd jotted down using Google docs. As I prepared to type up my umpteenth email for the day, I paused long enough to recall a remarkably easy technology tool I'd learned about during TCEA.

Instead of creating a bulleted email list full of details that our already overloaded teachers might not read, I decided to record a 3 minute podcast rehashing the most important information I'd gleaned from the meeting. Attempting to sound conversational, I read over the key points and filled my teammates in on the highlights. In less than three minutes, I communicated what mattered most. And in less than five minutes, I shot the link to the podcast out to my colleagues via email.

If your school is anything like mine, the two greatest complaints among teachers are lack of time and too many meetings. Coming in in third place is lack of communication. It seems to me we could maximize time, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and convey clear expectations using an easy tool such as this.

My question to you is, would you prefer to hear the information or read the information? Thoughts?


  1. I love this idea. Like you said, I think one of our biggest complaints as teachers is feeling like our time is sometimes wasted and not valued. Podcasts are great because you can listen in the car, in the grocery line, or sitting at your desk at work. Plus, you can review it again if you forget the information. (Thinking about myself here.) Way to be a revolutionary thinker, sister!

  2. I am a need to read it person. I have a hard time focusing just by listening, which is why I can't do books on tape. I admire your willingness to always try something new though!!

  3. I would like to read it and process it. You are right time is always the most needed! Clever way to make it all work!

  4. Honestly, I like it in print, too! We have gotten the brief video messages, and I remember it better when it is written. However, you are right about not always reading the emails and saving time....it is truly a toss up!!!

  5. I do better with a visual. If I see it, I am more likely to remember it.