Friday, March 20, 2015

Nifty Niece & Nephew, #SOL15

I had the privilege of hanging out with my six year old niece, Mabel, and my three year old nephew, Tyson, this afternoon. These two rambunctious, energetic children bring immeasurable joy to my life. With a permanent smile plastered on my face, I watched them chase each other under the carport and squeal with delight when they tagged their cousin. Lefors is a wonderful place to be a child, and I am deeply grateful to be their aunt. Mabel read the book The Day the Crayons Quit to me on my Ipad, and she was downright giddy when I downloaded the second installment of the FableHaven series. Tyson whizzed across the gravel driveway on his Strider bike, making motorcycle noises and pumping an imaginary kick starter. Enthusiasm, vitality, and zest ooze from their pores. I cherish these mundane afternoons, and I look forward to a super Saturday spent in my hometown. 


  1. Your descriptions didn't make me think there was anything mundane to your afternoon. It sounds delightful, enjoy your Saturday.

  2. "Enthusiasm, vitality, and zest ooze from their pores..." What a great line!

  3. What an amazing "mundane" afternoon! Those are the best kinds! Fablehaven is a great series.