Friday, March 18, 2016

Soggy Books #SOL2016

My husband and I spent a delightful day in Cabo San Lucas. The sun sparkled on the turquoise water as we made our way in a glass bottom boat to Lovers Beach and Pelican Rock. Our tour guide explained that the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez meet with the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean, creating a blissful paradise enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. 

As our small, bobbing water vessel approached the rocky area where Chris planned to snorkel, I lost my balance, and my whole purse became submerged in the salty ocean. All my belongings including our passports, my cell phone, and my recently purchased paperback books from Scholastic got an unwanted bath. While onlookers snickered and offered looks of pity, I cursed out loud. 

Thankfully, most of my things dried out quickly in the warm afternoon sun, and my iPhone 6 Plus remained undamaged. The only items that appeared spoiled beyond repair were Saving Wonder by Mary Knight and The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Loyd. As I turned the soggy, limp pages I frowned, imagining the look of disappointment sweeping across my students' faces when I showed them the warped covers and the crinkled edges. Underneath the ruined exterior two beautiful books about hope, adaptability, and friendship remain. If only the reader can get past the obvious blemishes and scars. 

I'm writing this blog from the ship library, a location I find solace, peace, and serenity. These waterlogged books are my traveling companions, and although they appear tattered and torn, I am glad they took this trip with me.  


  1. So glad the phone made it through the swim. The books? Every time you see them you will remember that wonderful trip. I bet they become two of your favorites. :) And sooo jealous. I still have another week before break.

  2. I'm so sorry about your books! The new book smell was washed away. :( Luckily, the phone is safe. Books can still be used soggy, but phones can't.

  3. Thankful you were able to recover your stuff and not have much damage. Those books look like they have enjoyed a great Spring Break! They are in perfect condition!!!

  4. I love your description of the sun sparkling on the turquoise water. So glad most of your stuff was salvaged. Those two waterlogged books will be a visible reminder of water fun! The ship library - we book lovers find libraries wherever we go!