Saturday, March 19, 2016

Absolution #SOL2016

Brewery Tours often serve as the highlight of our vacations. During one of our first trips we took as a married couple, Chris and I stumbled upon Samual Adams Brewery in Boston, and we were instantly hooked into the world of craft beers. At the time, neither of us were big brewski drinkers, but over the years, we've both acquired our own unique taste for a cold one. He likes hoppy IPA's, and I'm more of a Hefeweizen kind of girl. The lively atmosphere, eclectic crowds, and endless supply of malt liquor keep us entertained for hours and many of our memories revolve around stops at local brewpubs. 

Thanks to Groupon, we found an inviting tap room tucked away in a warehouse district on the outskirts of Los Angeles. From the moment we arrived, I knew we'd discovered the perfect spot to spend the afternoon. The light colored church pews set against the black background immediately caught my attention. Emblazoned on the barrels were words like sinner, conviction, and redemption. Absolution, which is synonymous with mercy, release, and forgiveness, seemed like a fitting name for a brewery.

Growing up in alcoholism left me shaky and unsettled in more ways than I care to admit. Born out of fear, extremism, and self-protection, I did not take a drink of any type of alcohol until the age of twenty-five. Since then I have developed what I consider a healthier, more moderate view on consuming what we now fondly refer to in our household as daddy juice. Although there were times when excessive drinking wreaked havoc in my family of origin, I'm grateful for the chance to partake in a judicious, moderate manner. A slight buzz always suffices, and I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about how this social lubricant is produced. 

Slow sipping the frothy booze leaves me feeling light, jovial, and relaxed. And since I hail from multiple generations of beer drinkers, I guess I've decided if you can't beat em' you might as well join them! This afternoon, as I nursed a special brew called The Convert, I thought of Eric Church's song, Sinners Like Me. Raise your glass with me as you listen to the provocative lyrics. 


  1. It sounds like you had a great day & have found a great way to build memories. It's nice to find that healthier, more moderate view.

  2. What a very fun, yet meaningful post! I too love Hefeweizens and my hubby also likes IPA's. Sounds like a very cool place. I really enjoyed how you took your writing from the actual act of visiting the brewery to a reflection of yourself.