Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spinning Plates & Juggling Balls


As Jaime Volmer points out in his Ever Increasing Burden on America Public Schools, teachers' plates exceed full. It would be lovely is we had a single dish overflowing with expectations and demands, but instead we seem to be spinning, juggling, and balancing a plethora of tasks beyond our capacity. Each day there's another training to attend, another email to send, and another initiative to launch. We plan lessons for multiple content areas, we implement I.E.P's, 504 Plans, and B.I.P.S., and we deal with multiple emotional meltdowns from students throughout the day. The crushing weight of all these demands leave us frazzled, overextended, and constantly feeling behind. Yesterday I told my students that if they didn't hustle back to the line after blowing the recess whistle in less than a minute, they were wasting valuable instructional time. Every second counts. There's work to be done. Intensity and urgency are our battle cry. There is no time for slowing down. Education has become war.

Plates are going to shatter. Balls are going to drop. Somethings gotta give.

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