Saturday, March 2, 2013

My First Ever Slice of Life Challenge

Although I am officially a day late, I have decided to join the Slice of Life challenge inspired by The Two Writing teachers, Ruth Ayers and Stacey Shubitz. I have yet to master the art of writing daily, and perhaps joining this movement will help with accountability and inspiration. Here's to the next 30 days of getting my thoughts on paper!
Bone-Headed Blunders
March 1, 2013
With the volume turned up to the maximum level, my cell phone rings in the middle of a staff develoment session for the second time. All eyes dart to my table, and I rush to silence the deafening noise. Instantly, shame washes over me, and I desperately want to disappear. "How could you be so stupid? Don't you know professional etiquette? How dare you disrespect the presenter like that?" The guilt gremlins weasel their way into my psyche, and as the barrage of damning thoughts whirl in my mind, I pause just long enough to hear the quiet whisper of a deep, abiding truth. You are made of strength and struggle, Tenille. Imperfection is a gift. Embrace it. The next time you are tempted to judge a colleague, remember this moment. Sometimes being human sucks and failure never feels good, but screwing up and making bone-headed blunders reminds me I am not alone.  


  1. Oh yes, these are the moments that give us perspective. Great words and welcome!

  2. I love your words to yourself about remembering your own mistakes when tempted to judge others. Wise words, Tenille!

  3. Man, it's a good thing that bone-headed blunders are okay, but I sure do make a lot of them. By the way, I can totally hear your voice in your writing. I even hear your giggle.

  4. Didn't realize Blogger wouldn't post my name... mn is Marly. :)