Saturday, March 2, 2013

#Slice2013: 2 of 31 - Leaving the Library Empty-Handed

I am a proud, card-carrying member of the Denton Public library. On any given Saturday, you might find me perusing the aisles of the children's section, aimlessly searching for the perfect book that might inspire one of my students to fallin love with reading.

My husband accompanied me to the library today, and as he gleefully checked out Marco Rubio's biography and an audio recording of Ben Fountains acclaimed book, Billy Lynn's Long Half-Time Walk, I strolled past the hold shelf looking for my call number, S200. To my disappointment, all the books I'd reserved several weeks ago had been reshelved. A listless feeling enveloped me, and after a quick sweep of the young adult section, I headed towards the exit empty-handed and dissatisfied.

We live in a culture of fast, fun, and easy. The convenience of reserving books online has spoiled me, and with the advent of social networking sites like Goodreads and Biblionasium, I've lost my passion for lingering and looking for treasured titles. Instead, from the comfort of my sitting room, I toggle between the library website, The Nerdy Book Club Blog, and Goodreads. While simultaneously browsing virtual bookshelves, Twitter feeds, and YouTube book commercials, I submit Amazon orders and secure various books on the Denton Public library website.

Have the advancements and ammenities of the modern world robbed me of a past pleasure? Can I still love the library if all I do is download digitals books on OverDrive Media or rush inside to snag several titles off the hold shelf? Have I lost something precious or gained a gift?

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