Sunday, March 10, 2013

#Slice2013: Day 10 of 31 - Avoiding the Inevitable

Today was supposed to be "Super-Fun-Cleaning-Sunday". Instead it became Lounge-Around-the-House-and-do-Nothing-Day.
I watched several episodes of T.V. shows I'd missed. I chatted on the phone with my big sister. I perused Twitter and Facebook. I folded laundry. I read a book on my I-pad. I accomplished very little. And that is okay.
As my husband often reminds me, we are human beings, not human doings. I'm grateful for the uneventful lulls in an all too hectic world.
Three cheers for a slow, serene Spring Break!
P.S. I guess tomorrow can be "Magnificent Manicuring Monday".


  1. No guilt allowed :). I remember, a few years before I retired my partner campaigned for a lovely Sunday... I mellow Sundays. Heavenly!

  2. I just finished telling a friend that taking today as a lazy day is OKAY! :) Spring Break is here and we all deserve a little time to relax. Thanks for sharing your Slice!