Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super Sassy Sunflower, #sol15

Sunflower Midori Scott and her mama, who just happens to be my little sister, moved back to Texas almost two years ago. These two marvelous human beings bring joy beyond measure to my life, and I am so glad they are geographically and emotionally close.

This afternoon, Sunflower and I played dress up, read books together, and wrote and illustrated our own story about Peppa the Pig. She snickered and giggled while showing me YouTube clips of The Dinosaurs (remember not the mama?). She told me all about her debut performance in her Black History Month school program, and she described in detail her recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge. When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she quickly responded, "I'm going to be an astronaut or a scientist." Her self-awareness, spunk, and intelligence continue to amaze me each time we interact. 

While her mom and I talked about life and love and relationships, she drew pictures and changed her outfit about ten times. Her sense of fashion is truly unique, and even at five years old her bold personality shines brightly. She's sassy, opinionated, and sensitive – a little ooh-la-la and fa-la-la all wrapped up into one. 

I am a proud aunt, and I'm thankful for an afternoon full of wonder, delight, and perspective. 


  1. It's at this age when you discover who you're supposed to be. My kids are older now 14-22 11-14 and I love they still have big imaginations. Your niece is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Teresa! I am 35 years old and sometimes I feel like I am still trying to discover who I am supposed to be. My hope for Sunflower is that she always maintains her strong sense of self. Imaginations are a wonderful thing!