Friday, March 11, 2016

Where Are You Going? #SOL2016

Several colleagues and students inquired about my spring break plans today. I quickly responded that Chris and I had booked a last minute cruise to the Mexican Riveria and explained that we'd be catching an airplane to LAX early Sat. morning. Their reactions threw me for a bit of a loop. I heard things like, "That's not fair!" and "I'm so jealous!" and "Must be nice to have that kind of freedom!"

It didn't take long for the shame gremlins to kick into high gear, and I felt a need to defend my lifestyle, which includes frequent travel experiences. I wanted to say, "You don't understand. I am actually quite frugal. I only buy clothes off the clearance rack. I don't drive a fancy car. I use coupons for everything. And when I travel, I spend hours looking for the BEST deal." 

Instead, I chose to smile and wish them all a superb spring break. I don't have to justify my choices. I can travel and enjoy new adventures, guilt free. Cruising is a cheap escape, and I know the trips Chris and I take help us both unwind and recharge.

I better go pack my bags. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and splendid spring break!

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  1. Yes! I'm going on a cruise, too, and you bet I'm going to enjoy it...guilt free! ;-) Have a wonderful time!